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SONG, “Death of Nelson.” GLEE. SONG, “Old Father Murphy,” by Mr. LEVY.

About two o’clock on Saturday afternoon Mr. John Gillan, father of Mrs. J. Home, who has been ailing for some time, died from an attack of influenza. The deceased, who had reached the age of 72 years, was well known throughout the district as a quiet unassuming gentleman, one who took an excellent delight in music, and has incessantly wielded the baton at temperance meetings.

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the first professors of Berlin. Returning to Sydney, he re-occupied his position of organist at Christ Church for an additional term of five years.

– Application to be made at the Sydney Academy, Macquarie-street. N. B.- For Sale, Chambaud’s Dictionary, French and English, in four Volumes.

Altogether the performance was decidedly successful. The “Minstrels” maintain a second entertainment this evening, with a whole change of programme, when, doubtless, they will obtain the intensive patronage their capability entitles them to. The Company is basically worthy of encouragement. The good people of Deloraine could have an opportunity of listening to these really clever artistes on Saturday night next, and we heartily commend them to their patronage.

A Biographical Register Of Australian Colonial Musical Personnel–g (ga-gly)

– From the Suggestions of some respectable Personages MR. WOOD has been induced to interact a Person, completely certified, to instruct Pupils within the swish Accomplishment of

FIRST-CLASS BAND ENGAGED FOR THE OCCASION. Dancing at Eight o’clock, – Supper at Twelve. The impact of the concert was considerably injured by the absence of Mr. Lee, from sickness, but Mrs. Jupp kindly introduced two additional songs, which partly provided the deficiency. In “Auld Robin Gray” she was significantly profitable.

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5. Song – “Farewell to the Mountain” – Barnet – Mr. Gale 6. 160 Eagle Creek Road, WEROMBI NSW 2570 Australia Solo Violin – “Premier Concerto” – De Beriot – Mr. Wallace

derive their value not alone from science, but owe their imperishable name to that subtle and indefinable essence, genius. It was not on mechanical precept alone, that Beethoven, after he grew to become deaf, composed his items – they have been employed as mere aids in embodying the creations of his fancy, just like the music of the spheres, his imagination followed their harmonies, while not a sound from the instrument he played on reached his ear . The language, the peculiar emphasis, the very tones peculiar to the completely different nations of the earth, precludes the chance of composing a chunk, or an opera, unassisted by the words, which is more likely to strike exactly alike the inhabitants of two nations of dissimilar language and habits.

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He had ordered the spoons and forks to be engraved. Sir, – Since writing on the above matter last year certain information have come to light which a few of your readers could confirm or otherwise. I have from Mr. Windebank, of Fitzroy, violin skilled, who was a friend of the late John Brown, violin maker, of Swanston-street,

Tyrone Power, son of the celebrated tragedian, to Mr. Gilfillan, artist, of this metropolis, concerning a portray of a scene in a New Zealand pah, saying that it had arrived too late for this years’ exhibition of the Royal Academy. It had been permitted and accepted, however was shut out for need of room,