What Are Powder Brows? Experts Explain

Are you sick of having to manually draw your eyebrows each morning? Very understandable, particularly if you’re searching for something a little less maintenance-intensive because you lead a busy life. Investigating semipermanent brow cosmetics, like as powdered brows, is one of the simplest methods to fix this. This is a solution for those who fill in their brows every day or who prefer a natural look.

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Though you may be familiar with microblading, consider powder brows, or ombré brows, as a more subtle alternative. The method itself makes a difference: microblading uses a manual blade to generate small, hair-like strokes that replicate natural eyebrow hairs, whereas powdered brows use a micro-pigmentation equipment to shade the brows, simulating the impression of using brow powder or pencil.

We asked two brow specialists to address all of our urgent queries (and we have a lot!), as we are aware that sometimes things seem too wonderful to be true. To find out more, continue reading.

How Do Powder Brows Occur?

You can stop thinking about taking a first date swimming. A popular semipermanent cosmetic technique that helps you produce an ombré or soft powdered texture for your eyebrows is powder eyebrows. According to Santiago Garay, the creator of Brow Society NYC, “this shading technique is done by using a small machine that disperses fine dots of pigment onto the skin,” POPSUGAR.

How Does Getting Powder Brows Feel?

According to celebrity brow stylist Joey Healy, you have to abstain from coffee, alcohol, Botox, fillers, spray tanning, and drugs like Accutane 48 hours before to your session in order to have your brows done in powder form. Depending on your physician, you may be given a topical lotion such as lidocaine to numb you when you arrive at your visit. Following this, your technician will speak with you.

After that, in order to guarantee symmetry, your practitioner will carry out brow mapping. Frequently, they will tidy your eyebrows, and you will decide on a certain form together. After that, they’ll use a portable device that works similarly to microblading to make microscopic colored dots. Most individuals find that using numbing cream makes things more comfortable. It might take several sessions and several passes to complete the task. At first, the hue could seem gloomy and even odd. Usually, the entire procedure takes two hours. An ointment will be administered after that. “You’re not to touch them, you’re not to sweat, and you’re not to get them wet for at least 24 hours,” Healey advises.

What Is the Duration of Powder Brows?

Depending on your skin type, powder brows usually last two to three years, according to Garay. It’s crucial to remember that they might fade anywhere from 30 to 50 percent after the initial application, so scheduling a touch-up appointment one to three months after the initial process is essential for the best effects.

Microblading vs. Powder Brows

Although they are both types of permanent makeup, the methods used produce distinct outcomes. “Microblading gives individual hair strokes that resemble eyebrow hairs, while powder eyebrows result in a soft and powdery makeup look,” Garay explains. Because both microblading and powdered brows include pigment placed into the skin, they are fairly comparable. But powdered eyebrows apply makeup in the shape of dots. The spacing and density of the dots determine how black the brow is.

Normal skin types are advised to choose microblading since it penetrates the skin more deeply. Healey suggests powder brows since they are more superficial and remain longer if you have oily skin.

Powder Brow Recovery

Taking extra care of your brows is important, therefore the healing process is perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of the whole procedure. To get the greatest results, it is crucial that you adhere to the aftercare guidelines for the first week after the treatment.

According to Garay, the pigment is still fresh, so the brows will seem considerably darker the first week after application, much like a newly inked tattoo. But as it heals, the hue becomes up to 30% softer. Light scabbing will become apparent in a few days. Remember that this is a normal healing phase and refrain from picking the scabs as this may interfere with the effects of the powdered area, advises Garay.

Keeping your brows really dry is also very important. Healey cautions against perspiring and suggests against using any kind of brow makeup or soap in that region. Use an ointment such as Vaseline, Aquaphor, or any other treatment your doctor recommends if they start to get dry and itchy. Avoiding sun exposure is also a good idea, but if you must go outside, don’t forget to wear a helmet and SPF.