How to Obtain a Residence in Andorra

If you’re interested in becoming a resident of Andorra, we’ll go over your alternatives in this post for an Andorran residence permit.

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Can an outsider reside in Andorra? In what way is immigration to Andorra difficult? How can I become an Andorran passive resident? All of these concerns will be covered in this review, along with additional information to assist you decide if it meets your needs.

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Andorra: Overview of the Nation

A tiny principality that borders both France and Spain, Andorra is located in the Pyrenees highlands. It is a non-member of the European Central Bank (ECB) but uses the euro as legal tender. Its official language is Catalan, as you may hear spoken on the streets of Barcelona.

Is Andorra a part of Europe?

The sovereign co-principality of Andorra is one of the smallest nations in Europe. Because Andorran territory lies outside the EU Schengen zone, it is not a member state of the EU. But entry is not conditioned on having a visa. A passport or national identity card issued by the European Union is accepted for entry.

What Advantages Come with Living in Andorra?

Let’s look at the benefits first, then dive into the specifics of obtaining an Andorran residency permit. What benefits can you expect from living in Andorra? Which type of residency—passive or active—has advantages?

Residency in Andorra Is Generally Simple

In Andorra, obtaining residence is a rather simple process. Depending on the kind of residency permit you’re requesting, yes. All things considered, the Andorran government grants residence requests. In a few of months, the fantasy of relocating to Andorra may become a reality.

Minimal Necessity for Physical Presence

Newcomers seeking a place to live in Europe with little to no physical presence can choose a passive house. You must reside in Andorra for at least ninety days a year.

Living in Andorra Won’t Cost the Earth

International company entrepreneurs seeking a low-cost dwelling might consider an Andorran residency. We are discussing the possibility of acquiring resident status with a less than €100,000 required investment.

You Can Benefit from a Tax Regime That Is Favorable With a Resident Permit

It is not a tax haven, Andorra. However, it’s a tax-friendly country. There are no sales, inheritance, or capital gains taxes. It is therefore the perfect foundation for a global company. Non-residents are subject to taxation on their income derived from Andorra, whereas tax residents pay personal income tax on their worldwide profits.

Requirements for Andorran residence through investment

In addition to a €50,000 deposit, the applicant must invest a minimum of €350,000 in Andorran assets, which may be bonds, real estate, funds, or other investments.

The applicant has to spend a minimum of ninety days annually in the nation.

The applicant’s annual income must be at least € 38,999.88, which is equivalent to 300% of the minimum salary in Andorra plus 100% more for each dependant.

A Certificate of Good Conduct is required of the applicant.

The applicant has to own private health insurance.

The applicant needs a medical certificate from Andorra.

a minimum €50,000 deposit and an additional €10,000 for each dependant, including partners and children.

Which investments qualify for the residence by investment scheme in Andorra?

Property in the Andorran Principality

A portion of an Andorran business

Debt or financial instruments issued by any official agency or organization in Andorra

The Andorran Financial Institute offers life insurance.

A minimum €50,000 non-interest bearing refundable deposit from the Andorran Financial Institute