How can a gift card program be initiated?

Digital versus physical gift cards

Choose whether you want to use digital or physical gift cards first. Physical gift cards are more expensive and more challenging to use, but they provide customers something to give the receiver and act as continuous advertisement for your company.

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With the COVID-19 epidemic, digital gift cards are becoming more and more popular and are a convenient option for e-commerce companies. These gift cards are simpler to set up and less costly.

You will require a point of sale system that can process gift card transactions, regardless of the kind of card you decide on. Here’s a detailed walkthrough for configuring both digital and physical gift cards.

assembling tangible gift cards

Look into the companies that provide gift cards. This might be a merchant bank, a third-party gift card seller, or your point of sale system supplier. Choose a supplier that provides personalized alternatives so you may brand the gift card and draw in clients.

After deciding on a supplier, create and purchase cards. As soon as your cards come, display them and start making sales. Usually, you have to activate the gift card for the recipient once they purchase one.

Create gift card regulations and provide your staff with training on them. This covers the process of adding new gift cards to the system, redeeming them, imposing any restrictions, and advertising them to clients. Ensure that your policies abide by all applicable state and federal laws. For instance, it is against federal law for companies to offer gift cards with expiration dates of less than five years or to charge inactivity fees unless the card has been inactive for a minimum of one year.

Configuring electronic gift cards

In your POS system dashboard, configure digital gift cards. You could have to pay a monthly charge for the option to put up digital gift cards, or your POS supplier might offer this feature for free.

Correctly set up your online store. Verify that you are allowed to both sell and take gift cards as payment.

Teach staff members how to take gift cards. They will have to enter a unique gift card number or scan a barcode, either printed or digital. Ensure that every employee is familiar with how to utilize your POS system’s gift card feature.

Advice for managing a profitable gift card scheme

It’s not a guarantee that your gift card program will yield the most value just to order a quantity of cards. These pointers have the power to distinguish between a mediocre software and one that is wildly successful:

Give the user the option to add gift cards to their digital wallet.

If you purchase a physical gift card online, it should be in the mail in 48 hours.

Allow gift cards to be purchased, transferred, and redeemed via all available channels (mobile, in-store, and online).

Give the option to text digital gift cards to recipients. For this service, think about collaborating with a leading supplier of text message marketing.

If at all feasible, let customers personalize their digital gift cards with drawings, images, and remarks.

Configure your website so that it can identify well chosen digital gift cards and make the right decisions. For instance, an e-commerce site with a Mother’s Day theme design can recommend jewelry or other suitable products.

Give gift cards to devoted or frequent clients as a thank-you present. They will become more devoted as a result, and they will purchase more.

Give clients a gift card for the same amount during a promotion instead of a discount to encourage them to come back to your store.

Strategies to boost sales of gift cards

Now that you are aware of the advantages a gift card program may provide your company, here are some tactics for maximizing sales:

Put your cards out in the open. Merchandise your gift cards next to the register so that clients may take one out for a last-minute present. Distributing them to bigger merchants who provide a range of gift cards on a rack can also be an option.

Offer your clients gift cards. Teach your staff to recommend gift cards to clients who are unsure about what to send someone for a birthday or anniversary. E-commerce websites can also have ads that recommend gift cards all year long, not just around the holidays.

Sell gift cards at nearby establishments. Make inquiries with nearby companies to see if you can work together to sell your gift cards there. Think of providing them with something in exchange, like selling their gift cards or putting their pamphlets on show at the location.